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24 February 2020 @ 08:15 pm
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Run The World!



"The only thing which made you say 'I'm sorry' is for
the means of saying 'no'. "

"I think we should be more responsible with our actions...
secretly or exposed.
Because every move we make,
it can be a real change to us."

                                                      I'm not simple, I'm over.

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Sugihara Yana | 18 | Fangirl
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23 February 2020 @ 07:27 am

Title: A Thousand Fans

Pairing: Inoo KeiXFC [Tokoyuki Mina]

  Yokohama, Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo or even in Asia, I won’t miss your concert, not a day. Even if I’ve seen you so many times… seeing your face during your concert is priceless. No matter how much I’ve spent just to be with you but there’s one thing I’m very sure of… we won’t end up being together. Because of that, I’ve set a mission on every time I watch your concert. It is to catch a fan with your signature on it that you were giving off and to see you smile for me.

  I’m Tokoyuki Mina, turned twenty years old on year 2012. I have a boyfriend and finally accepted him after giving up chasing Inoo Kei. His name is Kageyama Yuuji and together, we always watch Hey!Say!Jump’s concert. Yuuji promised to help me catch even just one fan then we’ll stop going to concerts already but it went very difficult for us. Every year, we spend almost a million yen for concerts but three years have passed, we haven’t fulfilled our mission yet.

  For every girl who can catch your smile, for every girl who can hold your fan, I felt jealous every time but I won’t give up. If only you give it to us one by one then I could’ve been satisfied to receive one from you but… I needed to fight these girls just to have one. It will be a stampede whenever an item from Jump members will get near to us but I don’t dive the war, I’ll go only for Inoo Kei’s item though I once caught a ball from Takaki five years ago. Takaki waved at me after catching it and I froze up until the concert ended.

  Hey!Say!Jump announced that they’re going to have a concert at Tokyo Dome… me and Yuuji took the front seat even how expensive it was. I’m seeing Kei again… In the middle of the concert, Jump members went down the stage while singing and Takaki happened to come near us. I wonder if he remembered me because he pointed and mouthed something but I didn’t understand so I just nodded and smiled. Takaki then talked to someone next to him… Inoo Kei. I don’t know what they we’re talking about that Kei looked surprised and suddenly, he pulled out a fan that he’s keeping under his arms and came to me. He handed it personally while smiling and said “Arigato gozaimashita, saigo made yoroshiku negaishimasu!” I smiled and bowed saying “Ganbatte kudasai!” and somehow, I felt warm. My boyfriend bowed at him, too while I was holding Kei’s fan with both of my hands and I’m very near to crying. That time, I really looked like a kid that after how many years of asking for it, I finally got what I wanted.

  I’d always cherish this fan with your signature… I hope in the future, you’d get what you wanted, too and be happy.

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22 February 2020 @ 06:37 pm
A Musical Play Script
Original by Kanjiru Yana
From Melancholia comic book


Canella Bloom                              Geneva
Dale Scher                                   Arc
Mother                                         Kajel
       Jamaica                                       Emo people
  Catherine                                     Punk people
Nike                                            Jeline

Melancholia is a place for emotional people.

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